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La Casa Buena

La Casa Buena

By Pamela Livingston

Deep in the Amazon forest, there is a house which for now I will call La Casa Buena, because like a new baby I know it is good and special, even before it has a name. It sits up above the little river Aucayacu, at a great bend where the currents spiral and twist, lingering to suggest possibilities, like transformation.

Above the water, in the very same place, another house once stood-where a great healer lived and worked. His name was Don Julio LLerna-vegetalista, palero, ayahuascero and teacher of many-he was renowned for his goodness. Two years ago, when he died I was in ceremony with his son Jairo, who took his father’s place. Since then I’ve continued to learn and to grow and be inspired by certain rare qualities which inhabit the most natural people and most loving of hearts, I have learned that the medicine of Ayahuasca loves best the simplicity and freedom of nature, a ceremony pure and positive as the song of a bird-humble, yet powerful and without doubt.

I have gone hunting with Jairo, and have seen how he sets his intention and simply fulfills it-one shot between the eyes-to feed his family.

The medicine is strong here, where peace and kindness surround it with family, cooperation-people taking care of people. I’ve often thought about this place that it is the most civilized place I know.

My archeologist friend tells me, and I can feel, that there have been high civilizations here for thousands of years, without even a pebble to show for it. I’ve often thought how interesting it is, that the mark of a high civilization is not jewels and gold, which more often suggest something else: excess, collapse, and violence-but something simple and invisible which lives on. Ayahuasca shows this harmonizing factor, makes it visible-seen, felt, and heard, to help us learn again to be free human beings, to be able to survive as our ancestors have survived through challenges which are given anew to each of us in different ways.

It is a privilege to know these sparkling people, who recognize that Life is the jewel. It is a privilege to work lovingly with the medicine of Ayahuasca, and to be able to welcome you, if you are interested to come, and to heal or to experience for yourself, La Casa Buena, in Aucayacu-one days journey away from Iquitos Peru.

La Casa Buena

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